Painting companies come and go. Some are licensed, bonded and insured, some work out of the back of a 1992 Caravan minivan. And sadly, sometimes, you'll never know the difference.

At Steve's Painting, you can count on us. Since 1997, we've been keeping our customers satisfied with quality workmanship and fair pricing.  We actually hire our employees with benefits, worker's compensation, insurance, everything that you would expect as a decades successful company. Our job foremans have been with us an average of at least five years - and that means a quality job every time.We never use subcontractors or even (dare we say) temporary day labor to complete your project. And that is exactly why we have a commercial client list that includes

Homeowners, please don't let our commercial success scare you! We're glad to come to your place and tackle any painting job, no matter how small or large; from some baseboards to the entire interior and exterior. We can do it all - and guaranteed your 100% satisfaction.